SoftMillennium's JDBC driver for LDAP implements a large part of JDBC specification. It may be used not only to efficiently search for LDAP data, but also to insert, update and delete LDAP entries. This allows it to be used within a wide variety of applications and frameworks: EJB Container based persistence, DAO frameworks such as Hibernate, Java report designers such as JReport, Actuate, Cognos and many others. SoftMillennium's JDBC driver for LDAP is a pure Java type 4 driver. It uses a built in Java based SQL engine and a robust SQL parser. It features a unique design including a set of unobtrusive SQL syntax additions allowing the driver to perform LDAP search operations in a single or subtree scope using SQL syntax on the native ldap filter syntax. It also supports multivalued attributes in all SQL operations. Give it a try.

LDBC(tm) driver version 2.1 is a major breaktrough in the LDAP connectivity area. It simply erases the boundaries between SQL and LDAP servers. This is the only JDBC driver for LDAP letting you:
  • Create SQLJ driven, LDAP entity EJBs using CMP 2.0 in J2EE application servers including Oracle WebLogic and WebSphere! Easy to deploy InetOrgPerson CMP EJB examples for Oracle Weblogic and WebSphere are included as a separate download.
  • Use with Hibernate framework and tools
  • Use java report designers to create great looking reports from LDAP data.
  • Use LDAP connection pool from your custom J2EE applications.
Major features:
  • Extensive SQL syntax support
  • Support for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE SQL statements
  • Support for native LDAP search filter (RFC2254) in WHERE clause
  • Unique Two-Phase LDBC Search(tm)
  • Updateable ResultSet implementation
  • PreparedStatement implementation
  • BLOB support for LDAP binary attributes such as jpegPhoto
  • Built-in, configureable connection pool
  • Implementations of javax.sql.DataSource and javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource interfaces
  • Auto-refreshing, objectclass and LDAP schema caches for super fast, thread-safe access to data on multiple LDAP servers
  • Configureable mapping between LDAP syntaxes and JDBC SQL types for efficient data translations
  • Option to use the default, in-memory SQL engine or to delegate query processing to an external RDBMS
  • Numerous optimizations

Included with the driver is a GUI-based tool written in Java capable of:
  • Browsing LDAP schema
  • Executing all types of SQL statements supported by the LDBC driver
  • Editing LDAP data
  • Viewing, printing, copying and saving of query results

Driver has been proven to work with the following report designers:
Driver connects to all LDAP (v.2, v.3) compliant directories including:
  • iPlanet
  • eDirectory
  • Active Directory
  • OpenLDAP
  • Oracle Weblogic embedded LDAP server
  • others
We are working very hard to make all users of this JDBC driver say: "I didn't think it was possible..." All suggestions for improvement are welcome and should be directed to