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Flickagery v. 2.0.4
The ultimate Flickr slideshow experience


This is not your regular Flickr app with interestingness, user comments and camera and image stats. This app aims to offer the ultimate, intuitive image mining and slideshow experience not available anywhere else:

  • Design and save a named and editable custom collection (gallery) of an unlimited number of HD photographs publicly available on Flickr.

  • Select images from a set of featured and 'just found' galleries and photographers

  • Start a continuous slideshow in full screen and no screen lock using all images currently displayed on the collage deck.

  • Listen to a relaxing soundtrack during the slideshow

  • Cast the app including the sound to your TV using the native Chromecast feature on your device (Android 4.4.2+)

  • Impress your friends with the amazing images you found by using the provided super easy share capabilities.

  • Share the discovered photos on social networks using the automatically generated comments.

There will be no duplicate images in your slideshow. The app will prevent images being added to the collage deck more than once.

The app is designed to be as intuitive as possible. However, if you get stuck, make sure you check the usage instructions below. Suggestions for improvements, praise, good ratings and constructive critique are welcome.


Preparing the slideshow

The lists on the menu are always pre-loaded with names of featured and trending photographers and galleries discovered during your searches. The lists get longer as you do more searches. Select a saved collage, a gallery or a photographer from the list and/or type in search terms to narrow down the results. You can also do an ad-hoc search using just the search criteria. Make sure you 'Reset' all other search inputs beforehand. Search multiple times to add multiple sets of images to the collage deck. The photographers' names for the loaded images, and any galleries the photos are in, are automatically appended to the corresponding dropdown lists. The names of found photograohers and galleries may appear in lists as if they are in a random order. However, they are added to lists in the order in which they were found causing them to be naturally grouped by similar themes or styles. This way you can easily add similarly themed images to your collage deck.
Click the 'Menu' icon or swipe horizontally on the deck to pull out and hide the Control Panel menu. While in the menu, use:
'Reset' button to clean all search input fields without resetting the lists.
'Undo' button, to remove the last set of images loaded if you feel they don't belong in your collage/slideshow. Note that this will preserve any already found galleries and photographers.
'Clear' button to clean the deck, reset the lists and create a new collage based on a new set of searches.
'Bookmark' icon to save the collage for later editing and viewing.
'Settings' icon to enter'User Preferences'
'Exit' icon to quickly exit the application while in Full-Screen mode.

Running the slideshow

Start: Press 'Play' button on the Control Panel Menu or tap on any image to start the slide slideshow using all images currently slideshown on the collage deck.
Pause: Tap once on the currently shown slide image to pause.
Resume: Tap once on the currently paused slide image to resume.

While running:

Next: Tap right arrow icon or use left/up swipe motion to skip to the next slide without pausing the slideshow.
Previous: Tap left arrow icon or use a right/down swipe motion to skip to the previous slide without pausing the slideshow.

While paused:

Next: Tap right arrow icon or use left/up swipe motion to skip to the next slide without resuming the slideshow.
Previous: Tap left arrow icon or use a right/down swipe motion to skip to the previous slide without resuming the slideshow.
Exit slideshow: Tap Exit icon to exit to the collage deck
Share on Facebook: Tap Facebook icon to share on Facebook.
Hint: Because of Facebook's "user must type comment" requirement, the comment for Facebook is stored to the clipboard memory, Once it flashes on the screen for a brief moment, just paste it into the Facebook share form to save yourself some typing.
Share on Twitter: Tap Twitter icon to share on Twitter. The pregenerated comment for Twitter is already abbreviated, but sometimes it may require additional edit to fit within the character limit.
Share or download: Tap share icon to download or share the image using options available on your device.

Working with custom collages

At any time, all images currently showing on the collage deck may be saved into a custom collection on your device. All saved collages are placed in the dropdown widget on the Control Panel menu. In addition to unlimited number of other types of image sets, you can add any number of collages to the collage deck. Don't worry about adding too many images to your collage. It is faster to add a large number of images at first. You can always reduct unneeded images from the collage later in the edit mode. Edit the saved collage on the Collages tab under the Settings by changing collage's name, description and deleting images from it.